Micro-processor based Intelligent Terminal basically is replacement of P.C., which can directly interface with the Digital Indicator. Limited Weighing Transaction can be stored while taking list print on basis of materials, the details such as total Gross, Tare, Net Weight and Supplier name can also be printed.


Display : 16 * 2 Characters, large backlit LCD,
Key Board : External, PC Compatible Keyboard.
Ports : One Serial Port for RS 232C, another Serial Port for
Jumbo Display and one Centronics Parallel Port for Printing.
Power : 230 V AC, 07 Watt.
Memory : Up to 4000 Transaction can be stored.
Paper Size : 12 Inches for paper for reports and 4 Inches for Driver's Slip.

Built in 100 years Software Calendar to display Day, Date, Time, Month, Year, Hours & Minutes.
Auto / Manual Entry charges are available.
Tickets are saved verified before printing.
Any stored Transaction can be viewed and reprinted.
Automatic Serial No. allocation.
2nd Weight selection by Serial No.
Date & Time record for each entry.
Easy calibration through Auto or Manual.
Linearity adjusted after half load.

Introductions ( Entries ) :

All the entries shall be stored in a internal Memory.
Date & Time: Auto entry in 24 hour format. Separate for 1st and 2nd Tickets.
Serial No: Automatic allocation. Vehicle No.: Can be upto 12 Characters.
Vehicle Type: Can be upto 16 Characters. 10 types selectable by single digit characters code.
Payment: 16 x 2 Characters, large backlit LCD, Cash or Credit mode.
Manual Tare: Print Indication on slip.
Gross Wt: Upto 1,00,000 Kg.
Tare Wt: Flexibility upto 100% of full capacity of Weighbridge.
Net Wt: Automatically calculated and display after 2nd Weight.
Party & Material: Upto 16 Characters.